Our Mission

For many aging adults in DuPage County, retirement savings may not be able to cover rising costs over a long life expectancy – especially the cost of housing.

It’s time to get creative about housing options that help seniors stretch their retirement savings as far as possible. Senior Home Sharing is a leader in providing sustainable, affordable alternatives for senior living.

Home sharing brings aging adults together as housemates to live independently and remain active within their communities. It’s a cost-saving option — with major potential health benefits. Recent studies have shown that social isolation among seniors takes a toll on physical and emotional health. Home sharing provides companionship and social engagement, along with peace of mind for seniors who know that someone’s nearby to lend a hand if needed. Better health and better quality of life are our goal.

Since 1980, Senior Home Sharing has provided co-housing options for DuPage County seniors. We need your help today to expand the number of shared housing solutions available.

A monthly fee provides:
  • A house manager that manages the daily activities and operations of the home
  • Freshly-prepared meals 3x per day
  • Professional cleaning services
  • Utilities including cable and wifi
  • Support services such as companionship, resource connections and more
  • Staff that are well-equipped to address community, health, and social services needs