Senior Home Sharing is Aging Positively

Our Mission

To empower lower income DuPage seniors to remain healthy active members of their communities by creating access to affordable shared housing, home-based mental health assessment and treatment, nutritious meals, and other support tailored to their evolving needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize our expertise to support seniors through the many changes they face, allowing them to age in place.


Our Belief

For many aging adults in DuPage County, retirement savings may not be able to cover rising costs over a long life expectancy – especially the cost of housing.

It’s time to get creative about housing options that help seniors stretch their retirement savings as far as possible. Senior Home Sharing is a leader in providing sustainable, affordable alternatives for senior living.

Seniors should have a support system that gives them a sense of security and financial stability to live life with passion, confidence, regardless of physical, social, or economic circumstances.


“We were happy that we could finally find supportive affordable housing for my mom. It’s made a world of difference.” -Resident Family Member

Why We Are Here

Senior Home Sharing is Stability

For 40 years, we have provided a solution to DuPage County’s shortage of affordable living options for low-income seniors. Your support has helped assist over 585 seniors in improving their quality of life and letting them stay in their community. Together we are giving seniors the most out of their golden years by providing connectivity, companionship, a sense of security, making aging a positive experience.

Where We Are Going

Senior Home Sharing is Fulfillment.

We understand it’s more than just sharing a home. Good health, financial security, and feeling useful are common denominators of what we expect as we age. Being connected to friends, family and continuing to learn and grow brings tranquil contentment.
That’s why our goal is to bring those expectations to life. We are the leading innovator in homes for aging adults in Dupage County. Giving thoughtful, connecting experiences for our residents are woven into our values. Creating a culture fueled by passion is why we’ve been around for 40+ years.

Innovative Affordable Housing

Senior Home Sharing is a Place to Call Home

The demand for affordable housing that meets the needs of older adults far outweighs the supply, and the services provided are limited in their ability to keep residents in their homes as health care needs change.
Beyond simply building more affordable housing, we must raise the standards of sustainable environmental design. Innovative support and invaluable quality of life are the standards we strive for.