Meet Jackie. About the same time Jackie started showing signs of aging, her husband passed away. Lonely, she moved in with one of her children.

Within a short time, Jackie and her children agreed she needed more socialization and routine than living with one of her daughters could provide.


So they turned to Senior Home Sharing – Jackie has lived at Chase Place in Lombard since March 2011. It has been the perfect fit — her children, who live in nearby suburbs, frequently visit and often stay for meals, gardening and interaction with other residents at Chase Place.

Perhaps most importantly, Jackie is able to retain as much independence as possible because of the routine and stability offered by Senior Home Sharing, including three meals a day, medication reminders, frequent opportunities to socialize, and the security offered by full-time housing staff.

So while Jackie thrives as much as possible in an independent setting, Senior Home Sharing’s affordability, dependability and companionship provide her family the peace of mind to know she is eating well, enjoying the company of friends her age, and having the chance to laugh often in an environment much like the home she lived in all her life!

Chicago Tribune


We are delighted to inform you that Chicago Tribune reporter Vikki Ortiz Healy wrote a FRONT SECTION front page article about Senior Home Sharing that appeared in the October 12, 2013 Chicago Tribune. Click to read it here!

Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune video coverage: Seniors share house is suburban neighborhood